ENERSYS HAWKER AGM Odyssey Extreme PC680 12 V 16 Ah

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ENERSYS HAWKER AHM Odyssey extremely powerful! Hawker ODYSSEY - a battery for extreme requirements!
Are you looking for an absolute quality battery for your motorcycle?
Some batteries have an enormous starting power ...
Others impress with their large cycle power reserves ...
The unsurpassed batteries of the ODYSSEY® Extreme offer both, with it you have found the right battery.
Even at very low temperatures, the batteries have enough energy to deliver peak starting currents in excess of 2250A for 5 seconds, 2-3 times higher than conventional batteries of the same size. And they also offer up to 400 charging and discharging cycles with up to 80% unloading depth. As so-called pure lead batteries, these fully sealed batteries have 99.99% pure lead battery plates. The large number of pure lead grid plates allows for a larger board surface, twice the capacity of conventional batteries. Thanks to the absolutely maintenance-free AGM technology, the battery acid is bound in a fleece, so that the battery not only withstands strong vibrations, but can also be installed lying on its side.

Main advantages:

  • robustness
  • superior start and fast charging behavior
  • flexible installation
  • ready to use immediately
  • no transport restrictions
  • longer storage possible
  • Recovery even after deep discharge
  • Pure lead battery
  • sensational starting performance
  • enormous cycle resistance
  • extremely vibration resistant
  • absolutely maintenance-free
  • long life guaranteed

Scope of application:

  • scooter
  • Quad / ATV
  • Riding mower
  • snowmobile
  • motorcycles
  • jetskis
  • snowmobiles
  • Emergency rescue and rescue vehicles
  • 4x4 / offroad
  • Agricultural machinery
  • Tuning
  • sailboats
  • car
  • racing
  • motor yachts
  • electric boats
  • electric wheelchairs
  • Golf caddies


  • Hawker EnerSys Odyssey motorcycle battery PC680 12V 16Ah

Voltage [V]: 12 V
Technology: AGM
Polarity: 0 = positive pole right
danger notes: P405 P305+P351+P338 P303+P361+P353 P280 P102 H314 H290 P301+P330+331 P309+P310
bid identification: Use eye protectionFollow the instructionskeep away acid and batteries from children
dimensions (lxbxh): 177 x 73 x 168 mm
forbade labeling: no open flame,flame,open ignition source and smoking not allowedno disposal at gthe household rubbish
Wartungsfrei: yes after EN
warning notes: warning of corrosive materials
Delivery condition: filled and charged
Ausführung: new part,charged, ready for immediate use
Cold Cranking Amps: 170A(EN)
Capacity [Ah]: 16 Ah
Terminal: M6 Buchse oder SAE Pole 3/8"
Japan Code: PC680
Shipping weight: 9,00 Kg
Product weight: 7,00 Kg

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